My journey into the Product management career

  • It is full of failures.
  • It involved a lot of self-doubts and blows on self-confidence.
  • It involved a lot of rejections.
  • It was hard work and hustle, not a game of luck.
  • It demanded a modest self-learning attitude.

“Energy and Persistence conquer all things.”

- Benjamin Franklin

A snapshot of my startup- EDIO
A snapshot of my first startup idea

Co-founded my first startup

A picture clicked by me of the old town of Dresden, Germany.

Trainee architect in Germany

My first design portfolio. Link

Getting into the world of Design

Product design intern in an early-stage Silicon Valley startup

QA and Product role transition

An associate Product manager role

An infographic of my journey.

To conclude

  • Start a side project- leverage your strengths (coding, design, business, anything) and look for folks to help you out in other areas.
  • Build one superpower, which makes you unique. It can be documentation, communication, technical knowledge, strategy, etc., that will give you an edge.
  • Identify your passion and apply it to those companies which are in coherence with your values. It makes the convincing easy.
  • As a PM, you cannot ignore your weaknesses. So, learn and improve your skills.
  • Be ready to unlearn. Hold strong opinions, but be prepared to accept if you are proven wrong.
  • Network. As much as possible. Make Linkedin and Twitter your friend. Join product communities like- The Product folks, Creators of Products, The product school, to name a few.




A budding Product Manager studying architecture from IIT Kharagpur

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Tanmay Sadhu

Tanmay Sadhu

A budding Product Manager studying architecture from IIT Kharagpur

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